"Najviac Gagsta Kite Film" od Laca Kobulského

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Advertising Agency: Cayenne, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Giandomenico Puglisi, Stefano Tumiatti
Art Director: Livio Gerosa
Copywriter: Caterina Calabrò
Director: Adam Hashemi
Production Company: Kite Film
Executive Producer: Barbara Aperio Bella
Post Production Company: Rumble Fish

CHAL DOOR KITE film "Tu Kii Jaane Sajjna" by Jai Maa Films

The first Kite film is an anime that starts out trying to be a psuedo film noir/ girls with guns movie as if someone was trying HARD to rip off Luc Besson. Then it slaps the audience in the face by borrowing physics straight out of Looney Toons! Then it becomes a laughably horrid hentai in which a loli takes off a T-shirt with no bra and magically transforms from an A cup to a DD cup, so she can literally balance off the ground on the villian's 3 foot cock. Then it turns serious again and expects the audience to be on board still. It finishes by rapidly cycling between Z grade exploitation porn and a pathetic attempt at artistic ambiguity. Kite looks like it was directed by 5 horrible directors who couldn't agree on anything and each filmed their own segments and sloppily pasted the film reels together into one head exploding mess of an anime! Kite is literally TERRIBLE in every aspect. Even the art that looks like it could receive a passing grade in some scenes looks like an utter FAIL in other scenes. Kite is one of few films that was SO bad that it physically hurt me to watch it. I consider Kite on par with Pocket Ninjas, Video Brinquedo productions, or a movie by Coleman Francis or James Nguyen.

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love the Oliver Kite film. There is a small Oliver Kite museum (more of a display but i like the sentiment that one cabinet and some print can be a museum) in the bar of the in Devon, a hotel run by the delightful Annie Voss-Bark, wife of the late Conrad Voss-Bark, both accomplished fly anglers and writers. Worth a pint on the bench next to it. For more Kite reference see my blog entry from . the 3rd photo down of the angler on the blog is of Kite himself.
John (Andrews of Arcadia)

Wow what a find. In the early 1960’s and through to the early 1970’s this series of programmes together with the slightly different but equally educational Out of Town series with were part of my education here in Hampshire and particularly on the Itchen. Although Major Kite’s own stamping ground was at Netheravon and around the borders of Hampshire and Wiltshire his technique and absolute mastery of fly fishing was an inspiration to a young lad fascinated by all that was River. I recall one programme in particular where he demonstrated the “induced take” using plain electrical copper wire wound around a hook with a paper bag over his head resulting in a wonderful specimen trout. The Kites imperial is of course a legacy to fly tyers. He wrote a couple of classics as well but they are hard to get hold of other than paying a lot of money or borrowing from national libraries. Alas nearly 50 years on and I am still trying to emulate his skills on the Itchen with moderate results.
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With India Eisley, Jaco Muller, Annabel Linder, Christina Storm

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