Think I’ll be working in the kitchen to create something yummy

CNET’s Appliances and Kitchen Gadget blog features an uber-cool electric peeler. Yup, you heard that right. Electric peeler. Now you can skin potatoes, apples, and carrots like a bad ass. The peeler even features an intimidating (if not a bit redundant) name: the Zyliss Multipeeler Electric Peeler.

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Here at CNET, that means we've had to broaden our horizons quite a bit from the early days, or run the risk of not getting the full picture of how technology has shaped our lives. And so it is with much excitement and very little ceremony that I kick off the newest addition to our blog family, the Kitchen Gadgets blog.

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by Kitchen Gadgets Blog has a fun kitchen gadgets blog and every so often we come across something really cool like They are a series of storage boxes with built in vacuum pumps to suck out the air and keep breads, cakes and other assorted items fresher for longer. We loved the idea, although we have no idea whether or not the boxes actually work. It's still fun to see innovation in action. It gives us something to strive for ourselves.

Certain kitchen tools are so useful they’re practically life-changing

Cooking Gadgets – one of the top items in every woman's shopping list! Therefore, these top 7 kitchen gadget blogs should get you drooling, right? Well, that is for later. Here is a collection of seven amazing blogs, where you can learn a lot about how to improve your kitchen with gadgets:

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