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By keeping the drinking age at 21, young people who already have poor judgment are prevented from making the wrong choice. This would protect the individual and society at large from negative consequences such as DUI accidents. Therefore, government is doing its job by keeping the drinking age higher to protect, guide and help its citizens.

Keep Drinking Age at 21

The findings were published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs and make a strong case for keeping the legal age at 21. Using federal and state data, the researchers claim that a lower drinking age does not reduce drinking and driving related accidents or underage drinking. According to the reports, keeping the drinking age at 21 prevents DUI and other criminal offenses related to underage consumption. More importantly prevents untimely death related to alcohol.

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Keep drinking age at 21 argument points/ideas. It is proven that the earlier someone starts to drink, the more chances there are for them to become an alcoholic later on. This is because the your brain is still developing even into your 2o's, which can cause you to become addicted to alcohol. Lots of college campuses have drinking problems, that are getting in the way of getting the full education they need. People have came to conclusion that teenagers will drink no matter what the MLDA is, but keeping the drinking age at 21 will prevent younger kids from getting into danger.

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In my commercial some techniques I used is endorsements, Just plain folks, and a little bit of bandwagon. I used endorsements to support my issue on keeping the drinking age so it look more appealing to the people. I used just plain folks by walking around the neighborhood and talking to normal people about the drinking age. Finally I used a little bit of bandwagon by show a lot of people saying or swaying over to my favored side, or keeping the drinking age at 21.

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While college presidents have an investment in student’s satisfaction, MADD has an interest in preventing alcohol-related injuries and deaths. It seems like common sense to presume that MADD participants have more of a serious investment, and are on the morally correct side of argument. There are no financial gains in terms of keeping the drinking age at 21, which makes it obvious enough that the people who want to keep it that way are being logical. As for college presidents, it’s clear they have somewhat of a bias in attracting students.