See how his reign crumbled after his brutal assassination.

Scullard, H. described Caesar as “Urbane, cultured and courteous, he possessed a will of steel and an intensity of intellect”. Before Julius Caesar leaders were just meant to be followed with no questions asked. Caesar changed the way leaders act and revolutionized what being a leader truly is. Even after his death his policies were passed on through the generations and improved Rome to the very end. He is the reason why today leaders show the interest of the people and not only themselves. His heroism affects us as a nation everyday, whether we know it or not. Even modern leaders could learn a thing or two from Julius Caesar today. After all, in a world where the people choose their leaders, you got to be able to lead. It’s as simple as that.

Julius caesar leader or tyrant

These days we know exactly what we want in a leader. They have to share our ideas, be persistent, and have people like us in mind no matter what they do. If they do not possess these qualities, we do not elect them. This was not the case thousands of years ago. You had a leader and you did what they said. In many cases they didn’t care about the people. They didn’t care about you. Then came a man called Julius Caesar. He was noticeably different and he didn’t just have himself in mind. Julius Caesar revolutionized leadership to the point that he is a hero because he gained his nation power and authority, he made laws and policies fair, and he brought his people happiness and prosperity. His policies and actions were unprecedented in his time. This made him stand out as a true leader, and the best one the world had ever known.

Who was the greater military leader..

Julius Caesar leader or tyrant Each group of students draws a poster campaigning for or against Julius Caesar as leader (dictator) of Rome based on the point of view of the people they represent. The poster must indicate the actions of Caesar they think were good or bad.

Who was the greater military leader ..

caesar led one of the biggest empires in history