Getting a client’s business is all about one thing… selling

Let me just say, no one from Upwork "teaches freelancers" how to be a freudulant freelancer. In fact, most of the "training" type of emails that show up in the new freelancers email account from Upwork teaches freelancers how to use/navigate the website, gives examples on how to write a professional proposal, etc. Every article piece directed to freelancers teaches new people how to conduct proper, professional business with the clients.

We will teach you how to write a professional proposal and be confident when the tough questions start coming in on bid day

Your high school wants to propose an after-school program to the school board, but doesn't have anyone who knows how to write a professional proposal. They could make a teacher figure it out, but just because the teacher knows how to write, doesn't mean she will know how to write a proposal. In this case, it would be easier for your school to hire a professional freelance writer who specializes in grant writing. This will help to guarantee the quality of work and put the school's best foot forward in front of the school board.

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