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have not tried it...how would it kill the snake?? and how would you retrieve it, by cutting it open..YUCK...I'll just buy more glass eggs if that's the case.

Well this is really not my original idea. = created the Original Glass Egg.

This thread tickles me Every year I collect chicken type books to read to my preschoolers and one favorite book that is in tatters is called
A Snake Mistake by Harriet Ziefert. It is (supposedly) based on a true story of a farmer who puts lightbulbs in the nest boxes to encourage his hens to lay, but along comes Jake the snake who eats a couple and well I won't ruin the ending for you.
On a serious note, I'd rather kill a snake by a mechanical means (golf balls, glass eggs, etc.) than by a poison. I'm always afraid of poisoning the wrong thing. Know any rat solutions beside poison? I think I have a couple rats though I haven't seen them yet. I bought d-con but would prefer to think of something else.
I like glass eggs too well to sacrifice so I'd go with the golf ball.

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Ads related to glass egg holder When laid eyes on some monogrammed glass Easter egg ornaments, she knew it was time to break out the etching cream. Jill created an initial stencil with her Silhouette, adhered it to her glass egg ornament, and then applied the etching cream. Ten minutes later Jill rinsed it off and had a simple and elegant take on the classic Easter egg!

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The earliest made glass egg plates that I know about, so far, were made by von Streit in Germany. The earliest I know of in the United States was made by Duncan & Miller Glass Company. Their Early American Sandwich pattern was introduced around 1925, and the egg plate is shown in a 1943 catalog reprint. So we know that it was at least made in the 1940's. There is an egg plate done in their "First Love" etching, which has been found in the Pall Mall (circa 1940) and Canterbury (circa 1938) patterns and another egg plate is done in their "Passion Flower" Design with silver Intaglio etching (on a Pall Mall blank).

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Glass Egg is a game developer and art production facility based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Over the last 15 years the company has developed a unique set of skills in a unique working environment that enables us to create games and provide related services with a significantly improved level of efficiencyMercury glass egg, made to look vintage. A beautiful addition to your spring centerpiece! Egg meausures approximately 2 1/2".
Please not there is a hole on the bottom of the egg.We are now expanding into a new challenge: Mobile Game, Apps & Software Development. We’ve launched two App Store games for iPad: Art Of Darkness and Tap Pet Party. Glass Egg has cherished the ambitious social networking project: a dating website called Oakclub.Another Depression Era egg plate was made in the Candlewick pattern by Imperial, probably circa 1934. In 1948, the A. J. Heisey & Co. produced the Lariat pattern, which contains both an oval and a round egg plate. U.S. glass egg plates were made from the 1940's and later, but a few might have been made as early as the 1930's.