She equates this to stricter gender roles in Greece

Classical Greek artwork is generally recognized as a depiction of the real and the ideal; an attempt at mimesis that also reflects the qualities found most desirable during the time period. While one might imagine that this would lead to work focused entirely on aesthetic appeal, the artwork is also heavily conceptual. Classical Greek statuary not only reflected the rigid gender roles seen in Ancient Greek culture, it contributed to the culture’s development and enforcement. By viewing works embodying the perceived otherness and shy sensuality of women, such as Praxiteles’s Knidian Aphrodite, and the presented powerful norm of men, as seen in Polykleitos’s Doryphoros, Greek audiences internalized and then performed kyriarchal gender roles. Analysis of the subject and style of these two statues will enable understanding of the gender divide in Greek culture and how that divide manifests itself in Classical artwork.

DISCUSSION. Regarding gender roles in Greece, femininity is culturally very closely related to motherhood and feminine ideals involve intensive mothering12.

Thefestival organisers recognised that the oppression of women and the queercommunity is integral to Golden Dawn’s agenda. Assemblies were held on international co-ordination and workshopson fascism and football, the media, racism and the arts; as well as theatre,exhibitions, late night gigs and self-defence classes out in the yard - alsoused as an informal creche. One of five workshops dealt explicitly with genderand sexuality. Organised by the Athens-based groups and , the workshop invitedparticipants to share experiences and build resistance to sexism, homophobiaand transphobia in the fascist context. Around seventy people took part, thevast majority women and members of the LGBT community. As an outsider andnon-Greek speaker, I was given a personal translator, who stayed with me asparticipants rotated through four sets of workshops dealing with fascistattacks; intersectionality; gender roles in Greece, and sexism, homophobia andtransphobia in left and anti-fascist groups.

Gender and Sexual Behavior in Ancient Greece

dealing with fascist attacks; intersectionality; gender roles in Greece, and sexism, homophobia and transphobia in left and anti-fascist groups.


Work and Family Issues in Greece - Tulane University