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The St. Louis Rams drafted Linebacker Michael Sam, the SEC’s Defensive Player of the Year and the first openly gay professional football player in the LGBT community. Evangelical Christians, upset at the mere fact of Sam’s existence, are loudly and angrily proclaiming the Apocalypse to be upon us. Today it’s a gay player; tomorrow it may be transsexual cheerleaders. Only through the Grace of Almighty God are the heads of Evangelical Christians not exploding in righteous indignation at this very moment.

a top-flight division witnessed an openly gay professional football player.

But the rejoicing sounded suspiciously self-serving and smug: "We are so amazingly liberal that we can even get excited about a gay professional football player," the message seemed to be. "Germany is so much better than Russia, where homosexuals are openly discriminated against, and superior to France, where hundreds of thousands take to the streets to protest gay marriage."

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Michael Sam, the only out gay professional football player, starts his dream job this week The former University of Missouri linebacker could be the first openly gay professional football player, if he makes the team. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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Michael Sam wanted to share his story as the first openly gay NFL player with the world. Oprah Winfrey wanted to help. It would have been a great story, but the realities of the NFL made it an impossibility. Now, the two will work together to tell another story-- the story of the gay professional football player on the outside of the NFL, looking in.

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Last year’s Southeast Conference defensive player of the year, University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, has announced that he is gay, and is hoping to become the first openly gay professional football player.That got me thinking about Michael Sam and how the media (and MLB) must handle the first openly gay professional baseball player differently than we have with the first openly gay professional football player.There are people out there who believe a person can be talked into being gay. If so, then a person can also be talked into being a professional football player. It's just that easy. But can a person be talked into becoming a gay professional football player?Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe for an openly gay professional football player. While being interviewed on HuffPostLive, Bledsoe said, "In talking to guys that are playing now and guys that I played with, it's a far bigger story in the media than it is with any of the guys that are playing."

Bledsoe said he didn't know if he ever had any gay teammates, but said that there were "a few over time" in the NFL. Watch the video below: