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Exploring the linkages between environmental security and gender, Detraz explains three components that link environment and security: environmental conflict, environmental security, and ecological security. The paper focuses on linkages between environmental security and gender and provides concrete examples of gender roles in resource management.

giving examples and a lot of responses used the examples of gender roles or occupational roles

However, while the film is rich with examples of gender roles run amok, those aspects are somewhat passe. What is truly interesting about the film is that the participants know how ridiculous that they are being. Several participants comment on how shallow they are, how shallow the festivities are, how ridiculous their behavior is, and yet there they all are, continuing to be shallow and ridiculous. There is a certain element of maturity that helps one move beyond apologize for bad behavior to actually stopping the bad behavior; these folks don’t generally appear to have acquired it. Instead, we see people unapologetically embrace modesty rhetoric while ogling girls in bikinis. We see others blithely comment on their hospitality, noting that they even accepted the socially awkward without too much trouble. These children aren’t going to apologize for being awesome; they can’t help that it all comes to them so easily.

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The examples of gender roles given to students within the curriculum – such as 'My Strict gender roles can be harmful because they are limiting. When there are not as many opportunities for women to express their talents, their human capital is diminished and that's harmful. You don't want to overstate the case -- little girls being obsessed with pink, for example, is relatively trivial -- but more pronounced examples of gender roles can become a problem. There are also aspects of male gender roles that are harmful.

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The third wave of feminism argues that there must be an understanding of the ways men and women are different. Men and women are biologically different; and thus, have carried out different roles throughout history. Currently, there is a dynamic relationship between gender roles and communication. The U.S. is grounded in a patriarchy. This means that overall, language and decision-making is carried out primarily by men. Those that hold power in society define the gender roles held by men and women. It is the third wave of feminism that suggests society question this power and pre-set gender roles. Gender roles define women as fragile creatures that should stay home, raise the children, take care of the house and submit to men whereas men should work to be able to provide things for the family, fix things around the house when they are broken, and mask emotions of weakness are some examples of gender roles found amongst people today. As the gender roles are learned and passed on to children, the roles reinforce the existence of difference among men and women and the theory of gendered communication.

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