Examples of exploitative competition include (1) ..

Sweatshops are horrific examples of exploitation that persist to this day. But Karl Marx had a broader and more scientific definition of exploitation: the forced appropriation of the unpaid labor of workers. Under this definition, all working-class people are exploited.

Sweatshops are horrific examples of exploitation that persist to this day

Prior to the hotline campaign the TUC issued a report on call centres entitled "It's Your Call," which documented more grotesque examples of exploitation and the inhumane humiliation of workers.

On MTurk, Some Examples of Exploitation, Trebor Scholz

Examples of exploitation provided for in the Trafficking in Persons Protocol and the It is a sad reality that the elderly, disabled, mentally incapacitated, mentally ill, and children can be vulnerable to manipulation, abuse, and neglect. Elder abuse, theft, and physical neglect are all examples of exploitation that our loved ones may fall victim to under the wrong care.

These are examples of exploitation by academic supervisors

What's more, Freire's banking model drew upon a shared understanding of industrial capitalist production and its embedded forms of alienation. This alienation occurred in the capitalist mode of production in industrial capitalism where profit emerged from the exploitation of workers, and resistance was enacted through organized labor. Today, we seem to neither know where value is produced nor how to organize resistance. It feels to me that when I meet with activists, community organizers and critical scholars we have a difficult time figuring out where power and resistance are located in the post-Fordist period. Yet, examples of exploitation abound. We read daily about market turmoil, economic bubbles, growing personal debt, reduced government support, the reduction of the state, and the school to prison pipeline. While these issues may seem a long way from the banking model of education, I argue that they are not in fact separate, but are examples of a system of modern oppression, the neoliberal banking model of education.

Examples of exploitation limits

These are examples of exploitation by academic supervisors. The supervisors took credit for their students' ideas and research work, sometimes sharing the credit further with others in what is called gift authorship or honorary authorship, designed to curry favour with collaborators and patrons. In this sort of exploitation, the ideas and work of students and subordinates are expropriated to serve the supervisor's career and reputation. A string of decisions by the Migration Review Tribunal provides further examples of exploitation in the hospitality industry, involving instances of poor working conditions, poor accommodation, overworking, low or lack of pay, refused access to personal belongings as well as harassment and physical abuse committed against foreign workers.