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I am suppose to write an essay four-five paragraph but before i submit in I first need to write an rough draft, but I don't know what is a rough draft and then the final draft. so If any of you know and can show me an example of a rough draft, i may understand what to do, although if you...

1. An example of a rough draft of an abstract. How can it be improved?

Here is a teacher example of a rough draft that can be used to model revision skills later in this lesson. Before having students write, you might remind them that in a piece of writing where two characters are talking, a new paragraph needs to be made when a new character speaks; no two characters are allowed to speak in the same paragraph.

so how do i write a rough draft ..

Sample student paper (rough draft and final draft) – an example of a rough draft with instructor's comments and the resulting final draft, following MLA style.

How to Do a Rough Draft of a Research Paper

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