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Alcohol and controversy are two words that seem to go hand in hand. The very nature of alcohol, to alter one’s abilities and control allows for a distinct division in the opinion of the people. Just as the people are divided, the law follows a similar path. The legal position of alcohol has undergone many changes throughout time. Whether social, legal or political, problems follow close at hand. Canada’s memorable experience with the Temperance and the Prohibition movements allow for a closer examination of the “Devil’s Drink”.

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Then one of my favorite things by Lysander Spooner actually is this 1875 essay that he wrote called Vices Are Not Crimes, which he published anonymously in this – it was a collection of essays on prohibition in the United States. Obviously not the 1920s prohibition but the earlier prohibition and it’s a broadly Millian argument, right? The idea is, look, there are certain things that people do that are bad, that are worthy of moral – kind of moral condemnation. But not everything that other people do that we disapprove of even with good reason ought to count as criminal and therefore be subject to kind of coercive prohibition of the law.

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