obscene and scandalous poem, An Essay on Woman

Life and Death Contrasted - or, An Essay on Woman, 1794
Robert Dighton (British)
Print, hand-coloured etching on laid paper, 35 x 24.7 cm
Gift of the Trier-Fodor Foundation, 1989

Essays On Woman

"Woody found that educational opportunities for both girls and boys around 1750. Pointing to “An Essay on Woman” (1753) as reflecting a shift in view, Woody also claimed that practical education for females had many advocates before the Revolution. Woody’s evidence although it may have accelerated earlier trends."

Enlightenment Feminism | An Essay on Woman in Three Epistles

In Collection Overview: Written by Sarah H. Bradford, Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman was published in 1869 and became the source of most of the stories about and, later, books on Tubman's life and deeds up to and during the American Civil War. The book was published at Tubman's request to help her raise money to support her elderly parents and pay the mortgage on the house she had bought for them in Auburn, New York. It consists of stories told by Tubman to Bradford about her life as a slave growing up on Maryland's Eastern Shore, about her escape from slavery, about her life as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and about her service to the U. S. Army during the Civil War. It includes letters testifying to her service, truthfulness, and honesty and a newspaper account of how she helped the runaway slave Charles Nalle to escape from custody before being returned to slavery. It also provides two other features: the Essay on Woman-Whipping, and the List of Subscribers to the Publishing Fund. The Essay is an antislavery tract about the practice, by both male and female owners, of whipping both male and female slaves. The List displays the names of friends and benefactors, most from Auburn, New York, who donated money to defray the cost of publication of the book.

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The John Wilkes papers contain Wilkes's incoming and outgoing correspondence on topics such as politics, financial difficulties, and family matters. Also included are 13 contemporary portraits, several literary reviews by Wilkes, and a parody of his poem "An Essay on Woman," by an unknown author.
The material is in English

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