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Dave Kolb teaches philosophy at Bates College. He was a year ahead ofme (rkc) in philosophy. He has a great hypertext essay on Socrates'Apology. When Emerson turned to his aunt as he tried to find answers to his own doubts, his ideas were fueled by their dialogue. Mary Emerson acted as mediator between this world and the next for her nephew (), and her life provided a model for his. She stressed the need to remove oneself from society in order to commune with God in nature in order to give the spirit free reign, to seek illumination from religious and philosophical ideas that came from within the self, she demonstrated how spirituality informed her life and thought as "Images within us-one word sets off another" (). To her, "reason" was "not cool facts, but emotional experiences, tied to nature-mystical idealistic" (Simmons xxxvii). Any doubts about the presence of God could be dispelled by studying nature. She urged him to see the world from the same high plane that she did. When her nephew asked if she would like to hear details of his daily life, she replied, "facts! what are facts to me?" (); this sentiment Emerson incorporates in his essay "History." As a student, Emerson won second place for an essay on Socrates,

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Socrates ranks as one of the most famous philosophers of all time. This is a sample essay on Socrates and his views on injustice. Here, the author discusses Socrates' arguments that an injustice is never correct to commit. If you're looking to use our or just want to on the philosophy of Socrates, this sample paper is a solid start to any essay. Please feel free to head on over to the homepage and place your order today; alternatively, continue reading to get an idea of how our American writers work to answer the question, "Hey, ?".

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