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Finally, you’re almost done. After editing the content of your paper, check the mechanics. Run a spellcheck program. If you haven’t done so already, print off a copy of your paper. Manually proofread your paper. Often students will just do the former but the spellchecker won’t see errors such as "These cent tents says dough not make scents." By looking at your essay on paper rather than on your computer screen you may catch obvious errors, leaps in logic, unconnected paragraphs and poor transitions that you might miss if you only view it on the screen. Now repeat the last two steps until you are happy and/or until it is time to hand your paper in!

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WASHINGTON - Students who read essays on a computer screen found the text harder to understand, less interesting and less persuasive than students who read the same essay on paper, a new study has found.

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Essay on paper

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