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I recall two examples vividly. One was where a student of mine had written a really beautiful essay entitled “Childhood Memories”. I had given him 100% for the essay – it was witty, funny, moving and poetic. When he went into the exam one of the titles asked students to write a personal essay on “The Idealism and Passions of Youth”. He didn’t like any of the other titles. So he panicked and just re-wrote his wonderful essay on childhood memories. But it had very very little relevance to the title. I remember him being disappointed when the results came out, and going in to view the paper, and my heart sinking when I started to read the all too familiar – and brilliant – essay from a couple of months before. Because no matter how great the essay is outside of the exam hall (and this applies to all of your essays on Hamlet and poetry and the comparative too) if it does not completely and consistently engage directly with the essay title then you are in trouble.

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