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In response, Stanford faculty held an Occupy teach-in that addressed various aspects of inequality. The teach-in eventually culminated in a recently published collaborative book project called . Among the contributions is sociologist essay about economic inequality between men and women. After all, notes Correll, women comprise just 12 percent of the top one percent of wage-earning Americans.

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The economist, Robert Samuelson, has written a helpful essay about economic inequality in the US and other nations. He comments on three generalizations:

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Essays written about Economic Efficiency including papers about Economics and Capitalism I was asked to do an essay for Microeconomics class that is a theoretical topic that should have something to do with microeconomics! I need essay topic about micro economics. Why does my English teacher give restrictive topics for essay writing? I really want to be successful and this is going to haunt me the rest of my college life.

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I’ve always been interested in economics, especially the area of income disparity. I remember in high school I wrote an essay about economic inequality. By the time I finished the paper I realized how wrong income disparity is. For example, in DC, we have some of the highest rent and mortgage rates, but it felt like many residents, at least growing up, were low-income. DC is very segregated—some wards are very African-American and lower-income, and in others, there are lots of upper-class white people. I wanted to understand why that was, and how it relates to society in general. It seemed to me that economics would be the best way to learn about the world.

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