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Have you read any good essays on beauty? That was the question I kept asking in advance of a workshop I taught this summer at Otis College of Art and Design, in Los Angeles. I had planned to use the idea of beauty as a lens through which to view a famously unbeautiful city. Part of my curriculum involved dispatching students to handpicked locations across Los Angeles to seek out that elusive quality. I was hoping to turn up an essay about beauty as it pertains to the postwar American city, one that might inspire the students to look at the urban fabric in new ways.

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Working with girls ages 9 to 18, from all five boroughs, the Clinique PR team hosts a variety of events ranging from college visits to product development projects. The girls are required to complete a number of tasks to get the patch, including writing an essay about beauty, analyzing beauty pages and photo shoots in glossy magazines, and even developing a lip gloss or creating a free gift package with the development and marketing teams. If someone had told me at age 8 that I could visit Clinique corporate headquarters and learn about creating makeup items, I would’ve gladly worn the kitschy green uniform. But what impresses me as an adult and a thinker, is their ethics; how many cosmetic giants would encourage the next generation of professionals and consumers to challenge the mainstream notions of beauty that are their livelihood?

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This is a wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful essay about beauty both outer and inner After I returned to Harvard, one of my students wrote a stunning essay about beauty. He suggested that the house of cards his uncle used to build for him held one long and enduring fascination-the chance to pull the card that would destroy the house. "The only good way to get a sense of the delicate precision involved in creating it," Gian wrote, "was to touch it gently, to try to alter it ever so slightly, and have it crumple to nothing." There was not anything malicious about pulling the card, but there was something powerful about it, something lasting in the stolen glimpse of beauty that revealed itself only in the moment of destruction.

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