The Editing And Rewriting Process

Other work: in early 2011 I helped with a complete revamp of the website. This involved editing and rewriting content before uploading it to the new (Drupal) content management system. I was delighted when Torchbox, the agency I was working with, for the site.

Stylistic editing, copy editing and rewriting: trade paperback; corporate marketing and client communications; concept papers

Re-writing and editing is like uncovering the true gold from among all the fools gold…yes, it can be tedious–the rewards are priceless, however. The first draft is magical. But the editing and rewriting process is where I begin to finally feel that I might be a writer. When I can bend and mold and re-fashion the words to say more I know that I was called to this journey with the written word. Without a doubt in my mind, the re-writing process is where God comes the closest and whispers right onto the page.

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But the editing and rewriting process is where I begin to finally feel that I might be a writer I have been working as an editor since 1993. My services range from copy-editing and rewriting to structural editing and developmental editing (coordinating an entire project from first drafts, then incorporating input from authors, consultants and editors to produce a designer-ready text).

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Technical writers have many tools at their disposal for making their writing as clear and accurate as possible, and editing and rewriting can be two of the most important. This chapter's instructors can help you achieve clarity and correctness by guiding you through the steps of proofreading and revising to fine-tune your technical writing. They can show you the importance of appropriate sequence, organization, unity and formatting. When you complete this chapter, you should feel comfortable with the following concepts:

Proofreading, Copy Editing and Rewriting: What's the difference?