Donatellos David, Judith11, oder in Cellinis Perseus12

Name: Stacey Conrad
Date: 2003-10-16
Comments: I don't like the way that Donatello portrayed David in this statue. Personally I feel as if he gives of the impression that he has very little masculinity. David killed the giant and deserves to be looked at as a man.

Donatellos David | Bild: Bayerischer Rundfunk · Stil-Epochen: Renaissance

Name: Eric
Date: 2003-10-20
Comments: The statue by donatello is a different way to present david, donatello made david look more feminine. David doesnt look mascline, and he looks more like a woman.

Donatellos david is similarly shrimpy but shows strength in beauty

I Museo Nazionale de Bargello kan du blant annet se Donatellos David-skulptur Her kan en se verker av Michelangelo, bl.a. hans første betydelige skulptur, en forfyllet Bacchus (vinguden), laget da han var bare 22 år. Annet inkluderer Donatellos David og verker av della Robbia, Verrocchio og Ghiberti

Donatellos David restoration on display

Name: Sarah
Date: 2003-10-17
Comments: I feel that this statue is very feminine in the way Donatello has David standing. The hand on the hip and just its overall physical appearance except for the private parts make give off that impression. Donatello also gave him long hair and a helmet that almost looks like a hat with flowers on it. It just seems that Donatello wasn't really going for the strenth look at all, yet we still get the idea that maybe not even strength is what wins a battle.

Michelangelos sculpture is closed in form, like Donatellos David