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‘’At first the thought of doing a dissertation was pretty overwhelming, however, once I started to research my topic and really get involved it felt good to be actually doing my own anthropological research. My dissertation allowed me to explore my own anthropological interests and create a piece of work that I am now incredibly proud of. Throughout my time researching and writing my dissertation, I met incredible people and experienced things I wouldn't have normally been able to. It allowed me to enter into a community I wouldn't be involved in otherwise, leading me to meet incredible and interesting people and experience their way of life.’’ – Christie Hyland

Doing A Dissertation

Don't waste your cognitive resources. A way to stay productive and sane? Keep your cognitive energies focused on major tasks and limit excess decision making. Experts warn about "" and I reduced mine but "outsourcing" extraneous decisions like what to have for dinner, tabling non-critical decisions, and doing important dissertation things early in the day. Another trick? Creating your day's schedule the night before so you can hit the ground running without having to waste time/energy deciding what to work on first.

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Well then, what is the problem in doing a dissertation ‘’Doing an anthropology dissertation is great for allowing you to use your own creativity and actually apply your knowledge rather than simply learning from others. It is a fantastic way of building confidence for any future career as it gives you the opportunity to expand on something independently and looks great on the CV!’' – Genevieve Bigger

Doing a dissertation (2012-13) - Manchester Business School

1. All single honours philosophy students must submit a dissertation in philosophy.

2. Joint honours students must decide in which of their subjects to submit a dissertation. Joint honours students doing a dissertation (or equivalent independent work) in their other subject may not do a dissertation in philosophy.

3. Dissertations in philosophy must be submitted during the senior year.

4. The dissertation counts as one 20-credit course. The student must choose the semester in which he or she submits the dissertation. A single honours student undertaking the dissertation must take two lecture courses during the term of the dissertation, and three in the other (there is no analogous constraint on joint honours students).

However, that typically takes much longer than doing a dissertation