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The dissertation will begin with an introduction, this introduction gives an outline as to what the rest of the dissertation will be about be and be one of the first things that anyone that is reading the dissertation will see. It will set the tone for the rest of the work and needs to be a high standard. In needs to be logically structured and include all the necessary information, as well as leaving out anything that is unnecessary, to help make it a good quality and relevant dissertation introduction.

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example dissertation introduction  Source: When you have a dissertation introduction to write, there are many elements that combine to make it perfect. To start off with, you need a good title to work from - obviously, without that you have nothing to start with. Having chosen a good title, you then need to do the research. The research needs to be of a high enough quality as it is what you will base the rest of the work on. Essentially this is the preparation that will enable you to begin writing your work. The next step is writing the work itself.

Writing a Dissertation Introduction

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

Discover how to write a dissertation introduction in no less than by understanding the following dissertation introduction structure that is requisite for a 2:1 standard dissertation!This is how you can write your dissertation introduction. To have better idea about the complete dissertation introduction you should visit the This initial part of your dissertation introduction should position your area of research in context using relevant sources with direct and indirect referencing approach.

The Background Subsection
The Background sub-section to your dissertation introduction should place your research area in context, referring to relevant literature sources using a variety of direct and indirect referencing techniques.