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Very has just rushed to our aid with a discount code not be sniffed at. Yep, the online shopping mecca is treating us to dreamy discounts guaranteed to put a spring in your step- and your purse, for that matter. And, in what is possibly the best news for your summer wardrobe, it involves up to a whopping 50% off dresses.

Discount codes are no longer restricted to fixed-price items — see the update to the post above.

already has low prices, but you can save more money by using discount codes when you shop there. The secret to making the most of coupon codes at Amazon is understanding what kinds of codes you can find. Because Amazon has millions of products, across dozens of categories, they will never be able to offer a "sitewide" promo code, like you may see on other, smaller sites. But Amazon does use promo codes for individual categories when they are trying to increase sales. For instance, right now, they often have high-value promo codes for clothing, shoes & handbags. From time to time, they will have promo codes on other categories too, like electronics, or on specific products, like the Amazon kindle. Because of this, it is generally better to see what promo code Amazon has before you get to the checkout page, so you can see what kinds of products they are offering discounts on at the moment.

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9. Discount Code: 9C2B8D4A40B2. 5% off on any orders. Expires end of September 2013. Top Shutterfly discount codes: 50% off Prints, Canvas Prints, and Collage Posters order. Apply this promo code at check out for instant savings. Don't miss this exclusive Shutterfly coupon to get more value on your purchase!

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Have you ever logged on to RockAuto online store and trying to buy some car parts for your car? If your answer is yes then the latest RockAuto discount code will be very useful to you. In the past few years, 90% of the discount codes we get from RockAuto are 5% discount on any purchased item. Only a limited time we see some awesome offer such as $32 dollars rebate with ACDelco spark plugs. However, a 5% discount on a $1000 purchase is $50 so do not overlook these discount codes after all it takes you less than a minute to key in the discount code during your purchase. It doesn’t hurt at all right?

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You can now create codes (like “ukulele” or “snooki”) that your fans enter at checkout to receive a discount on your music. Discount codes can be valid for anything on your site, or just a specific track, album or package. You can make a code expire on a certain date, or let it remain valid forever. And you can see how many times a given code has been redeemed, so that you can create different codes for different channels in a marketing campaign (YouTube, Twitter, email, etc.) and easily track their effectiveness. All of this is set up from your Tools page, like this:UPDATE December 14, 2012: We now support discount codes on all items with prices above zero, including items where you selected “let fans pay more if they want.” In that case the discount simply reduces the minimum price.Note that you cannot create a discount code for 100% off (essentially, a multi-use download code). We may add that in the future, but no ETA just yet.The process of buying car parts from Rockauto is very straight forward. First you will have to choose the car parts you want. You may search any car parts according to the car brand, model, and model year to make sure it is correct. Add the parts to the cart and then view it by clicking the Shopping Cart button on top. View the cart and make sure the parts, price, and quantity are correct. Here comes the problem, where to put the discount code? Now here is the tip, copy any discount code from the list above and place it into the text box beside “How Did You Hear About US?” as shown in the image below. The shopping cart will be updated with a 5% discount once you key in the discount code into the text box. If the code is valid for a 10% discount, the cart will clearly show a 10% discount based on the total price.