In 1873 the statue of David was removed from the ..

Accentuate your home or office with this beautiful lost wax bronze statue of David standing on the head of Goliath. The famous Old Testament Bible story of how a small humble boy defeated the giant warrior from Philistine and became the king of the Jews is a tale that has endured through the centuries. The story symbolizes the battle between good and evil and is not only recognized in the Bible but the Holy Quran as well. The David and Goliath Statue, Lost Wax Bronze is made from bronze metal according to centuries old casting methods, verdigris patina, and black base. Measures: 40"H x 14"W x 14"D.

David and Goliath Statue

David meets Goliath: Spartans boss Harry Dunn poses with the David and Goliath Statue ahead of his side's FA Cup battle with Premier League Blackburn

The Three Davids, the same subject by three great artists.

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The Three Davids, the statues by Verrocchio, Donatello, ..

Michelangelo's David - University of Colorado Boulder