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This guide covers your research needs for Criminal Justice at UNC. You will find information about books, journals, government sources, and web sources. You will also find course specific pages useful for research on your Criminal Justice papers and projects. A list of new books and DVDs as well as a list of newly published journal articles is also available. Help with citing sources in the APA format is provided as well as tutorials for searching the UNC Library catalog and UNC databases.

Full chapters on common types of criminal justice papers–see Part IV, V and VI.

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The paper topics themselves can range from subjects as complicated as the ethics and morality of punishment of criminals, to the nature of the prison system, to whether or not crime is an inevitably function of the human character. Criminal justice is a very broad field in this regard—paper topics can include forensic science, philosophy, ethics, and technology. That said, when you buy criminal justice papers, we make sure to focus your topic onto a specific area of focus. A good paper requires cohesion and clarity, and by writing about too broad a subject, a paper is likely to be marked down and come off as disorganized.

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Criminal Justice TrendsCJA/484April 2, 2014Criminal Justice TrendsThis paper will be evaluating the past, present, and future trends of the corrections...PaperMatthew HarperCJS/220Harvey SmithJune 3, 3012Criminal Justice Models Paper There are three different models used to describe the Criminal Justice...Criminal Justice Systems Paper Tarin Wales Axia College of the University of Phoenix There are five stages of our criminal justice system; they...Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Post your paper as an attachment. Criminal Justice System Paper The phrase criminal justice system refers...