Crime films are films that focus on the lives of criminals

Today's movie audience's are most familiar with the contemporized 1983 Brian De Palma remake of Scarface starring Al Pacino that has become a cult classic. Warner Bros. produced a string of successful crime and gangster movies during the thirty's, and 1939's The Roaring Twenties just may be the best of the Warner productions.

With that in mind, here are some of the most interesting, exciting, and enjoyable early crime and gangster movies:

Real life situations from crime history are often portrayed in crime and gangster movies. Most crime figures are doomed to fail and suffer violent deaths. Others slip through an opening in the system. Some you cheer for in a surprise ending twist of truth. Score big with these shady classics.

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Crime Movie List - A list of all the crime and gangster movies ever released listed alphabetically: Actually, I don’t think Tim Burton’s Gotham is especially masculine. I think it is baroque and Gothic, very stylised, almost a playground. I think Nolan’s Gotham is more obviously masculine, in that it reminds us of crime and gangster movies of the 1970s — stripped down, no-nonsense, a certain kind of ‘realism’.

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One of the things that I really like about Italian genre movies is that, evenwhen they're bad, there's almost always something cool that happens to give itsome value. In Meet Him and Die, an otherwise pretty terrible, the Italian term for crime and gangster movies, the badacting and incomprehensible plot take a back seat to some pretty great fightsand some dangerous looking stunt work and it now arrives for the first time inAmerica on Blu-ray from Raro.

Top 25 Crime Movies of All-Time