change that characterizes the contemporary business environment

In the contemporary business environment product costing techniques play an important part in the introduction of new products, especially in the health care industry, where rising costs become a substantial barrier on the access to health care for a large number of people. In such a situation, the application of an effective product costing techniques can be very helpful but organizations need to understand the essence of different costing techniques. In such a way, they can apply the most effective product costing technique, taking into consideration their needs, environment, and organizational structure and operations.

Contemporary business environment by Levis D. McCullers, 1975,Melville Pub. Co. edition, in English

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TABLE 1-1 The Changing Contemporary Business Environment

Answer Relevance of Taylor and Favors contribution in the contemporary business environment This course surveys current concepts regarding organizational and behavioral theory. Focus is on the roles of individuals and teams and their impact on the contemporary business environment. Students explore how leaders and employees act and react to various challenges. A particular emphasis is placed on employee development in an ever-changing, global work environment. Topics include learning, motivation, leadership, communications, interpersonal relationships, personality and culture, and their impact on job performance, organizational commitment and organizational performance.
Prerequisite(s): Sophomore status. (OL)
Offered at Charlotte, Denver, North Miami, Online, Providence, Providence CE
4.5 Quarter Credit Hours

Understanding the Contemporary Business Environment

The contemporary business environment requires an education that enables a student to understand and cope with dynamic and complex global business opportunities. Leaders in business, government, and other social and economic institutions must understand global economic forces, cultural diversity and technological changes in products and processes while maintaining a core set of values and ethical practices.

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