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There’s a lot to like about Smith’s writing beyond the story content, not least because he was a published and highly-praised poet before he started writing stories. That heightened, lyrical style was already well-established. I naturally tend to compare writing styles to art styles and see Smith’s style as being an equivalent in words of the intricacies and exaggerations of an artist such as Harry Clarke: lots of mannered poses, unusual flourishes and prodigious detail.

Objective: Students compare writing styles of published authors who describe nature

Now you have a chance to predict the possible magnitude of your talent by simply comparing your writing style with the writing styles of literary geniuses! Are you unique? Let's check it!

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Children learn to compare writing styles, illustrations, and main ideas The starting point: a love of languages
At the time, Patrick was interested in collecting « languages », fascinated by their diversity. He was keen to compare writing styles and fascinated by different translations of the Journal de Mickey, Tintin and Astérix: « the idea of having the same text in several languages took shape ». After rediscovering The Little Prince at the age of 21, Patrick realised that his idea could be made reality through the countless editions and translations of a tale that far exceeds all others in its worldwide circulation. On a visit to the Netherlands, he began his collection with a copy of The Little Prince in Dutch. His collection expanded to include German, Danish and Swedish versions. Family, friends and, as word spread about his collecting bug, even friends of friends started sending him copies of The Little Prince in every language. Patrick himself discovered the American and Japanese editions.

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Objective: Students compare writing styles of published authors who describe nature. After comparing, they create a style-inspired showing description about nature.

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