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In 2012, Pell released his first collection of songs digitally as a free album titled The Wild. Shortly after, Pell released a single titled "The Actress" featuring TFG-affiliate Sir Flywalker. The song, an ode to college party life, amassed over 25,000 SoundCloud plays, leading to coverage in the Jackson Free Press, and music outlets such as YouHeardThatNew and NME. In addition, Pell started to open shows for artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Joey Badass, Waka Flocka, and Casey Veggies.

"There is this new strategy of development, this continuation of the college party life."

And with a little planning and some good choices, you can have the time of your life, without letting the college party life get in the way of the rest of your dreams.

He's no stranger to the college party life either

Students who just want to focus more on education than college party life. Make sure your college party life stays in college. As tempting as it is to post that picture you and sorority sisters doing belly shots or your fraternity brother passed out on the bathroom floor, think twice. That picture could knock you or your friends out of the running for that corner office long after the party is over.

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Before sending the alumni to classrooms throughout the school -- which has 1,126 students -- Keenan told them to be honest about the college party life, including talk of alcohol and drugs, but to avoid glamorizing it.

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The legal drinking age in the U.S. means most college students won't be able to legally get a keg or head out for happy hour. But the reality is often different, and chances are alcohol will be a part of the college party life even if you're under age. Heidi Feiden"Earning my degree is something that I have always wanted to do. At a young age, I was introduced to the college party life and never finished. Seventeen years later and more mature..." However, it’s a more realistic approach to addressing college party life. You can nag college students all you want about the hazards of over-zealous drinking, but generally telling someone (especially in college) not to do drink works in the reverse. If they’re going to drink anyway, doesn’t it make sense to have a tool to make sure they stay safe?