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There was a time when anyone could predict the weather for the entire year. The climate and the seasonal changes were stable at that time. But in today’s world, even the weatherman has trouble predicting the climate for even a few hours. The aspects related to the climate and its changes have been studied by many researchers in relation to various subjects. Writing a climate change essay would be challenging due to the fact that you will need an original thesis to generate interest in the audience.

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MoS – have you read Naomi Klein’s capitalism vs the climate essay? She makes the point that the push-back from the right-wing free-marketeers out there is so strong precisely because of the scope of the system change that is required to address all of the environmental crises you’ve listed above. Here’s the link

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Many Topics can be addressed when Writing the Climate Change Essay 6. It has been noticed, of late, that flowers bloom and fruits bear out of season. It will be interesting to write climate change essays with your focus on how the nature is affected by the changes in the seasonal pattern.

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2. Since climates don’t follow a specific pattern any longer, farmers suffer a lot. While unexpected droughts delay their processes, untimely rains and floods ruin their good crops. You can write a climate change essay on the issues of the farmers due to the changing climate or from
an agricultural point of view, with your focus on the crops.

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Usually, it is rather difficult to write climate change essays, especially for the inexperienced and young writers. There are really genius students who take part in the international contests to win the prize or to become famous with their ideas. But most of students can not show such excellent results though they are interested in winning a prize or a scholarship. That is why it is necessary to know some common rules on writing climate change papers and have an idea on what topic is the most interesting for the discussion. Please send entries, along with a 200 word biography, to the 'Climate Essay International Jury' at > by , 22nd of November 2015. Usually a climate change essay deals with the most important problems that were caused by the human activity. The first topic, you can take and discover is climate change and the global warming. You should look for the most recent information at the Internet, discover it and then create your essay. It is very important to include some real examples of the industrial or political activity that cause these sad results to the whole planet. Another interesting topic is the confidence of the humanity. We use to think that the natural resources are endless but it is not so. We take everything we want, wood, water, natural gas and other resources. But think about the fact that our children will live in another world with the changed climate and the lack of natural resources. You can describe the present situation using some facts, global statistics and then make a summarization providing your own ideas and suggestions. Writing you must read some scientific articles to have an idea on the situation you are going to describe and analyze.