Child Development and Attachment

, Clinical Psychologist, USA.
Dan is a clinical psychologist who specialises in child abuse and neglect, attachment, foster care and adoption. Dan is the originator of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy - a relational therapy that integrates research in the areas of the neuro-biology of trauma, early child development and attachment theory. Dan trains other therapists in his model of treatment internationally and has been a regular visitor to Scotland since 2004.
He is the author of three ground-breaking books:

child development and attachment and the effects of maltreatment (full day); 17/9/11

The Centre for Attachment is a New Zealand based agency dedicated to providing support, education and training for families, organisations and communities on optimal child development and attachment.

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to providing support, education and training for families, organisations and communities on optimal child development and attachment. Parenting can be a strenuous period in any marriage, a new baby brings with it many new challenges including; loss of sleep, less disposable income, new housework requirements, childrearing responsibilities, and less one-on-one time. API recognizes that all couples need resources to help them keep their marriage strong during the child rearing years--that respect their parenting philosophy. API encourages couples to research their parenting choices together, and learn about child development and attachment, as well as attend support group meetings together.

Institute For Attachment and Child Development

In the context of dramatic social and economic changes, many parents are struggling to strike a balance between work and family responsibilities and to find quality care for their children while the parents are at work or school. There is a need for more flexible work arrangements that recognize child care as a prime societal concern. This includes re-examination of parental leave policies that require parents to return to work too soon after childbirth, either because of company policy or because of financial necessity. In addition, greater attention to the training and screening of childcare workers and prospective foster parents is warranted. In a review of attachment theory and its implications for society, suggested, among several policy implications, “legislative initiatives reflecting higher standards for credentialing and licensing childcare workers, requiring education in child development and attachment theory, and at least a two-year associate's degree course as well as salary increases and increased stature for childcare positions” (p. 342). The massive NICHD childcare study showed that high quality daycare is compatible with secure attachment of young children to their parents, and also that when home conditions make secure attachment unlikely, high quality daycare can increase children's chances of achieving attachment-related security ().

Nonprofit treatment center for children with attachment disorder