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While the discussion on child beauty pageants pros and cons are getting hotter day by day, one can imagine the intensity of destruction, this could do to a child's self esteem. What does a child need? Independence of eating and standing on her own and confidence that her parents love her. Aren't we oblivious to those needs? Child beauty pageants facts are sometimes more horrifying than the most horror movies. The mothers pressurize their children to work on their appearance to look like a barbie doll. The cost of entering a child beauty pageant is quite expensive. The cost includes entry fees, training program, accommodation and hair and make-up services by a professional. The irony of the situation is that, parents prefer to spend money on designer dresses than on the child's education. The whole education system is a failure in the US as the interest of the child is diverted to some irrelevant beauty pageants. This is total betrayal of the trust the child has in her parents to provide a secure future. There is a lot of pressure on children to perform on the stage. If the child happens to lose, frustrations creep in. The frustration leads to depression and other psychological complication. Child beauty pageants effects are disastrous on the child's body and mind. A child's innocence is marred by fake plastic smiles, false eyelashes and polished appearance. Children grow up to think that the only way to earn money is through exploitation of their bodies, which is not true. Children develop eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia to make their bodies look perfect.

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No, child beauty pageants should not be banned, because they are fun for kids. Most kids enjoy getting dressed up, being told they look pretty, and being given a trophy for their efforts. It is a good way to teach children confidence and enthusiasm. There is no reason to ban the practice. Abuses should be monitored, however.

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Anderson, Susan. High Glitz: The Extravagant World of Child Beauty Pageants. Brooklyn, NY: powerHouse, 2009. We have banned child pornography haven't we? The United States government has banned child pornography, and continues to prosecute those who create,distribute and partake in the viewing of child pornography. One can compare child beauty pageants to child pornography in the way that children are being exploited by being made to perform, and obviously by "dressing up" the young girls. Take JonBenet Ramsey for example, a child beauty pageant princess who ended up murdered in the basement of her home. Also, MANY parents of these girls are forcing their children to compete. The parents coach them in what to say when asked a question, and if the child were truly competing by his or her own will, the parents would not need to coach them. By dolling these children up like this, they end up looking like little women, just a pint size version of a supermodel. As these children grow, they are likely to develop eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. Beauty pageants are killing the self esteem of the children involved.

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My opponent cannot possibly think comparing a car accident to a beauty pageant is logical. "They" do not pull the children from their homes, but the parents often do. Driving a car is a form of transportation, and is often necessary to get where you need to go. As I stated before, these pageants often lead to eating disorders as the child grows. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.() If left untreated, the ultimate prognosis is death. Not to mention the sexual abuse that goes hand in hand with child beauty pageants. Driving a car doesn't exactly sexually abuse a child, does it?

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