Our Gold Level Business Plan is our highest level business plan writing service. This plan is tailored for Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Institutional Investors. We are one of the few business plan writing companies whose writers are professional investment bankers and have the required expertise and experience to write these plans. This plan offers extensive business consulting and research. This plan provides an in depth analysis of every part of your business and presents the information to the venture capitalist in a format that they are accustomed to seeing. We know exactly what they are looking for and what criteria they require for these types of investments. Very few of our competitors have the expertise to provide a comprehensive plan at this level and those that do, usually price this service at twice or three times what we charge. We have had tremendous success with this level of plan in terms of getting financing.

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While a success rate is important to look at, there are other indicators that can give you an idea of how good a business plan writing service really is. Look at a list of former clients, ask for references (with a way to contact them), or just ask them what their success rate actually is.

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Cheap Business Plan Writing Services | Cheap Writing Services Having a well-written and well-designed business plan can provide you with a completive advantage. If you think you have a great idea that will evolve into a fantastic business, the step is to create a well-defined business plan. The business plan is the document you will present to investors for describing the characteristics of your future business and how it will be beneficial for you and the investors. Potential investors look for specifics in a business plan and our experienced business plan writing services know what they look for.

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At IdeaVibe, we believe that creating a professional business plan lays the foundation of a successful business. Whether you are a new business or an established company planning to expand, our experienced business advisors can prepare a custom plan to expertly fulfill your requirements. Working closely with our clients, we develop and define comprehensive strategies for business growth, product marketing, acquisitions and funding.

The plans created by our team of business planning experts contain financial plans and projections that reflect professional standards, and therefore, make a memorable impression on potential investors. Our team is highly versed executives that have built and sold seven-, eight- and nine-figure companies and are uniquely qualified to create only the best cutting-edge documents to support your organization. In short, if you are looking for dependable business plan writing services, your search ends with IdeaVibe!

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* Private Placement Memorandum

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If you are having trouble coming up with a written business plan of your own or would like the services of a professional, there are places you can go. Here are a few reliable business plan writing services that can help deliver a polished and professional product.2. Cost – You should never use a business plan writing service that charges the same flat rate to everyone. While flat rates are fine, they should not be universally constant. If they are, then you can expect that they give everyone the same amount of attention, which isn’t always a good thing. Since writing a business plan requires some leg work on their end, their price to reflect variables like market size, concept complexity, financial model complexity, and much more. If you pay for a cookie-cutter price, then you will get a cookie cutter business plan.