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North Central Province Grade 8 Buddhism paper question no. 8 carried the word pramadi (hesitate to practise Damma) it should have been Appramadi (do not hesitate to practise Damma) which completely changed the meaning of the sentence.

The Buddha Papers Magic Mystery is a classic of magic. There are four sheets of paper, all folded into packets, one inside the other.

Went home last night and began some notes on your Nascent Speculative Non-Buddhism paper,and I just said to myself ‘aw crap I think I misspelled Nascent’ in my previous post.

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Essays written about Buddhism including papers about Religion and China North Central Province Grade 9 Buddhism paper multiple choice questions 17, 26 and 28 did not carry the correct answers.
In the same paper question 13 carried the phrase do no wrong further whereas it should have been one does not err.

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Question papers given in the different provinces also had glaring spelling and other errors which resulted in changing the meanings of sentences. Part two of the Grade Eight Buddhism paper given to students in the North Central Province had included a question from the Sinhala syllabus as well. Furthermore the paper contained various grammatical and spelling mistakes which made it difficult for students to understand the questions. In the same paper there were multiple choice questions with no specific correct answers, and the paper with 40 questions had a total of seven errors. The Grade Nine Buddhism paper in the same province had 13 such spelling mistakes which made it difficult for students to answer effectively, teachers said.

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