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The next major Hispanic milestone was the arrival of the Mexicans. In 1793 British Captain George Vancouver gave
King Kamehameha five head of black longhorn cattle. Kamehameha set them free to roam the plains of the Big
Island (Hawaii). He put a kapu (Hawaiian word normally translated as “forbidden”) on them in order to allow them
to multiply and reproduce. Kapu was part of a Hawaiian system of laws, which, if violated, met with instant death.

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I first rode the Blackhorn bus from J. Black's to UT tailgates in the fall, and my fiance and I immediately knew we wanted to hire them for our wedding! The bus we got seats about 30 and is completely blacked out with neon lights inside and a stripper pole in the back (classy, yes). A set of black longhorn steers on the front hood are the trademark on all of the buses. The Blackhorn staff is super friendly, flexible, and even let you bring in your own CDs and drinks for the ride! Thanks for adding so much fun to our day and for giving our guests a fun ride to our wedding!

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Find the Kuryakyn Gloss Black Longhorn Offset Trident Dually Highway Pegs w/1 1/4 in Don Quixote is believed to be the all-time leading contributor of quality genetics representing the WR family. He has sired more over 50" progeny than any other WR bull. His progeny are mostly black and very trim of underline. Their growth and correct type command respect. Nearly all pure black longhorn cattle today trace to Don Quixote.

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Shy, coy, modest and sweet - Not in this lifetime! These sexy boots will have men chasing you all night.

Double H Harness Black Longhorn Leather Women's boots.

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