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“This was the best online writing course I have ever done.Writers were given the freedom to be creative without the unnecessaryrestrictions of other online courses, but whilst also respecting thefeelings of other course members (and the instructors). The feedbackwas useful and constructive - I was praised for the aspects of mywriting that worked well whilst being given advice on how to improve mywork (exactly what I expect from a top notch course). The technicalaspects of the course were excellent in terms of layout, ease of access to lessons and general use of the forums.The other students were amazing. I loved the chat sessions and theterrific effort by Sharon and Helen to accommodate all students’ timezones. The support I received from everyone when I experienced majortechnical problems with my computer was fantastic and really made me feel part of a community of writers.Lastly and not of all least, the exercises we were given each week werefabulous and very much encouraged my creative spirit. I have learned somuch from this course.”
Julia (WA, Australia)

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Leverage your job application by choosing the best online resume writing company How to explain it? As it happens, my predecessor Clive Thompson already did, having pointed out in his introduction to the third collection that it is difficult to transplant the best online writing into print with its bloom still intact. Though much maligned as exercises in solipsism, blogs, for instance, are in fact defined by dialogue more than monologue; embedded in a conversational universe of links and comments, they are closer in many ways to what Socrates imagined to be the heart of true knowledge. As such, they do not sit well on the printed page. They are antsy and want to play, and for the purposes of an anthology like this, that won’t do. When we set out to collect these texts, we knew we were looking for something that knew how to present itself in print, at length and on its own. Print journalism, and especially magazine journalism, tends to succeed in those ways, and it has hit upon certain formulas for that success: a reliance on narrative to engage the reader, an allegiance to the essay as a traditional rhetorical form, an attention to language that is just sufficient to bring the words to life without letting them stand between the reader and the idea. But though we made a point of looking at magazines for sources, we made a point as well of calling for submissions from every type of writing form out there: blogs, forums, comment threads, gadget reviews. We looked everywhere, honest. But you find what you look for, and what we were looking for is still mainly to be found in traditional print media—and perhaps more than ever in the bastions of that tradition upon which the best practitioners of long-form journalism now converge, like polar bears on a shrinking ice floe.

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Admittedly, the very best online writing is hard to distinguish from the very best writing, period, and my workshop will bear a startling resemblance to any-old-writing-workshop (and what a day-long romp it will be — a retreat from otherness, a day devoted to the craft). But still I soldier on: I’m looking for born-digital writing that particularly suits the medium — and for that matter, any other resources that would be good to share in a day-long workshop. I’ll give you credit in my , if that helps.

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