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Fourth, beauty pageants do not educate people about other causes. Sure beauty queens can raise awareness about certain issues but beauty pageants are not the sole or largest raiser of awareness about these causes. Beauty pageants can hardly be given credit for awareness of land mine problems. Since awareness can be raised in other ways, ways that do not have the harms of beauty pageants, this should not be considered a benefit of beauty pageants. Moreover, many beauty pageant contestants are morons and not only fail to raise awareness but if anything, breed ignorance. Look if Miss (teen I think) South Caroline on youtube and see what she has to say. She certainly isn't raising awareness about anything.

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AREA says I misunderstand his argument by saying that all women would participate in beauty pageants. All women do not need to participate in beauty pageants in order for the harms of eating disorders and sexual abuse. Simply that beauty pageants, because of their visibility and importance, contribute to a culture in which it is acceptable and good to view women only as objects and women are held to an unattainable standard of beauty that increases the likelihood that they will have an eating disorder. These harms are not only very significant, the chances of them happening are very high. Now very high for suicide or eating disorders does not mean one in ten women get raped or contract anorexia but perhaps one in a thousand, or ten thousand. Granted these are numbers I am basically making up but the point is that even if a relatively few number of girls get raped or contract an eating disorder as a result, however indirectly, from beauty pageants is still significant enough to outweigh the supposed benefits of beauty pageants.

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benefits of beauty pageant - Archives - Miss India - Beauty Pageants As one can see, the benefits of child beauty pageants can help a child succeed in the pageant world and in life. An increase in confidence can help a child in many ways socially and culturally. From participating more in school, to eventually applying for jobs, it is a very important aspect of today’s world. Being a friendly outgoing child also is key to being crowned Grand Supreme at the pageants, but that isn't where it ends. Outgoing children are more likely to make friends and have a better awareness about one’s self-image and self-esteem. All of these factors are apparent when watching these children on these reality TV shows and reading articles on the positive changes children received. It’s no wonder these little outgoing girls are so eager to make friends with their competition. As these benefits continue to impact their lives there are also other aspects of the stage life that can change them for better or for worse.

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Second, a public debate about beauty can happen without beauty pageants. As such, this should not be considered a benefit of beauty pageants. Moreover, beauty pageants kill debate by having a singular standard of beauty. There are very specific standards that contestants are judged by and and deviation from that standard is punished. There is no debate caused by beauty pageants.

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