“Art is communication.” ― Madeleine L'Engle

Art is communication. There is no freedom of expression without freedom of art. Communication is learning by doing, ever evolving, reacting on others, re-using the same expressions and re-combining them into new meaning, re-expressing the same meaning in new ways, paraphrasing what was understood. And so is art.

It was a comment in one of Paul Butzi’s elegant posts  that I said “Art is about communication.”

Local artist and a 2014 Juried Art Show participant, Cedric Cox, loves having his art used for peace and tranquility. “Art is communication and my paintings and drawings are intended to build bridges between the past, present and future,” says Cox. Like Cedric, your art can be featured at the third Annual Juried Art Show; Survivor: A Journey of Courage and Healing. Art should represent cancer survivorship, strength, resilience, fearlessness, bravery, and conquering the climb to recovery. All mediums are being accepted for consideration, as long as they are wall art or larger free standing sculptures. Large hanging wall pieces are encouraged. Please no nudity or political statements.

“Art is communication, says McKimens

Art is communication Reading your articles is like receiving divine epiphany about the nature art as medium of communication. Art is communication. Communication is information exchange. Information is the fundamental essence of universe. Making good art = approaching divine

At its basest form, I find that art is communication

Another mural is my 500 canvases on health care. Now that the bill has passed, it is time to listen to each other. It has been fun to watch history unfolding, and to see the way people react to an exhibit that presents voices from both sides, all sides, equally. Peace is communication, after all, and art is communication that goes straight to the heart.

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