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All argumentative papers must be on a two-sided issue. Once you have identified an idea that you may be interested in writing about the next step is to see if there is a debatable issue that can be defended with research.

The Proven Method for Writing Interpretive, Analytical, and Argumentative Papers

I am currently a third-year undergraduate studying International Security and Conflict Resolution with a minor in Arabic. I enjoy literary works such as Heart of Darkness and Pride and Prejudice, and my specialties encompass rhetorical analysis, argumentative papers and research essays.

The Six Parts of the Argumentative Research Paper

It is possible to find argumentative style papers when looking on websites providing guidance and advice on how to best write academic papers. To conclude, both approaches require logical thinking and smart evaluation alongside comprehensive research of the available sources. However, the difference is created through the process of writing. Analytical papers provide a more balanced approach where all views pertaining to the question are presented, whereas argumentative papers debate in favor of one logical solution above the others.

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2. Argumentative Papers This type of a paper may also be termed a persuasive paper. Aside from critical thinking, which is essential for the production of a quality paper, another familiar concept that dominates academic circles is the concept of an argument.

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