for research and the theological arguments against stem cell research

Your task is to research the arguments against stem cell research. You should consider ethical, medical, and scientific reasons against such research. During your investigation, be sure to list each argument and supporting facts. You should come up with at least 3 arguments against stem cell research. Please make sure you cite the information you find properly. Use the links that follow to guide your study.

the subsequent argument against embryonic stem cell research is that ..

opposing embryonic stem cell research. Using the links provided below, research arguments against stem cell research. You should identify at least three arguments for stem cell research and facts supporting each argument.

An Answer to Arguments Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

(CWA) make a standard argument against embryonic stem cell research: .. 2. One of the other important arguments against stem cells research is that there has been virtually no real successful cure or even a potential for cure found to support destroying the beginning of life, there’s no evidence that a destroyed human embryo will help someone.

The arguments against embryonic stem cell research: ..

7. Another strong set of arguments against stem cell research is that some believe that embryonic stem cell is not stable and might on a DNA level carry a possibility of genetic disorders in itself.

Common Arguments Against Stem Cell Research ..

10. The final arguments against stem cell research deal with the actual cost of such treatments is simply too high to be implemented on a large scale.Lot of talk from our president these days about nurturing a "culture of life." As usual, his logic confuses me, since he resists extending crucial stem cell research on the one hand, but sees no problem with declaring war and causing thousands of innocent deaths on the other. Hm. His argument against stem cell research is he doesn't want to destroy life in order to save it, though by that same reasoning, that's exactly his justification for launching a war against a country that never attacked us. Just like people who are pro-gun and pro-death penalty, but anti-abortion. I don't get it. Never will. I give up. A lot of people don't get me either, so let's call it a day already. I'm tired of trying to figure all this shit out. The loonies are running the asylum these days, it's all I can do to just stay out of their way. I'm too busy preserving my own culture of life. Just discovered a great old school steak, seafood and martinis joint here in Alameda called the Gold Coast Grill. Monica and I have been enjoying biking around the Island on our new cruisers. This is the type of culture of life I like to cultivate. And I'm all for unlimited stem cell research, too. I have a friend with ALS. He needs all the help he can get from this research, and fast. All scientists and politicians out there: please help him if you can. His life is a culture well worth preserving. Meantime, let's all just live our little lives and stop bickering, damn it!