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In 2003, Illinois State Senator Barack Obama told the Chicago
Defender that he approved of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold
affirmative action in university admissions. His stand on racial
preferences has not changed as his prize puppet, Eric Holder and the
Department of Justice just filed an
with the U.S. Supreme Court. In the brief, they lay out their support
for affirmative action or racial preference for admissions in a case
involving the University of Texas.

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First of all, there is no such thing as "reverse racism". There is only racism.

Affirmative action is racist against white people because it places them at a disadvantage due to race. Not all whites benefited from racial segregation, and there are white people who are in worse situations than some individuals of other races. An upper class black gets a boost while a lower class white gets no help. Affirmative action also implies that minorities are inherently inferior and require assistance, which is racist.

And my final point: You can't argue that it's not discrimination. In some other countries, it's called "positive discrimination".

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Affirmative Action is Racist Against White Americans REAL TALK But the most important reason toreject the argument that affirmative action is racist is that it ignores whatracism actually is. The whole point of any racist practice is to preserve andenforce the privilege – the dominance and unearned advantage – of the dominantgroup by systematically excluding and oppressing members of the subordinategroup. This has never been the purpose of affirmative action, either in theoryor in practice. It has been just the opposite – a modest attempt to shift theodds away from being so heavily loaded in favor of whites in an environmentthat is still overwhelmingly white dominated, identified, and centered.

Is Affirmative Action Racist Against White People?

I agree that affirmative action should not be a law, but I guess there is no stopping a college or an organization from following such policies if they want to. These unofficial affirmative action practices are already rampant and working in the favor of the pampered sons and daughters of the rich.

Take George W. Bush. He clearly got into Yale because of "affirmative action." Affirmative action for a member of a politically influential and rich family. How many students with better scores do you think got passed over to make way for daddy's little boy?

The Wall Street Journal reported that Harvard accepts 40% of applicants who are children of alumni but only 11% of applicants generally.

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For another group of Americans there's Affirmative Action III. These Americans reject Affirmative Action I and II. In fact theysee those forms of affirmative action as racially insensitive atbest and at worst racist. For these Americans, affirmative actionis a system of hard and fast racial preferences andunevenhandedness. It's a racial spoils system where considerationand privileges, in whole or in part, are based solely on the race ofthe individual.The most common argument of proponents of affirmative action is that it is needed, if for no other reason, for the purpose of correcting the wrongs done to the black race in the past. While most Americans would support providing remedies to identifiable victims of discrimination and punishing the perpetrators, the victims of today’s quotas, preferences, but of preferences and government set-asides by and large had nothing to do with the wrongs of previous generations’ prejudice and discrimination. For that reason, Koch supports the idea of preference treatment, but based on economic standing rather than on color of skin or associating with a particular ethnic group. Whether the basis for any affirmative action is race, color, economic need, sexual orientation, or abnormal preference for a specific season of the year, there are going to be people who cry foul over missing out on promotions simply because affirmative action and preference systems exist.