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Statistics is perhaps a natural part of life, and almost all events are linked to data and information. Child beauty pageants are just one in the long lists of events that are being evaluated and recorded. Understanding child beauty pageants is important because this helps you identify and understand data trends. Your knowledge and awareness about child beauty pageant statistics also helps you to be aware and familiar about primary statistical concepts of child beauty competition.

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Love this post and I agree with everything you say about beauty pageants. The Miss World Muslimah pageant is nothing but a reaction by some Muslims to do something exclusively Western with an “Islamic” touch. It’s like how they made that middle eastern Barbie doll called Fulla for little Muslim girls to play with as an alternative to Barbie.

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Anger about child beauty pageants has heightened after the controversial US television show Toddlers and Tiaras. When most people talk about beauty pageants, there’s usually a lot of negativity and eye-rolling involved in the conversation. The girls are so fake, “world peace” is so boring, and some of the contestants’ awkward answers on stage to judges’ questions have made for some funny viral videos. But from what I have seen lately, there is a slight shift happening in the way contestants are picked, and the way they are portrayed.

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So what's the big deal about beauty pageants? Apparently, religious activists in the Arab world, like secular activists in the West, feel pageants are demeaning.

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By the early decades of the twentieth century, attitudes had begun to change about beauty pageants. Prohibitions against the display of women in public began to fade, though not to disappear altogether. One of the earliest known resort beauty pageants had been held in 1880, at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. However, it was not until the twentieth century that beach resorts began to hold regular beauty pageants as entertainments for the growing middle class. In 1921, in an effort to lure tourists to stay past Labor Day, organizers staged the in September. Stressing that the contestants were both youthful and wholesome, the Miss America Pageant brought together issues of democracy and class, art and commerce, gender and sex -- and started a tradition that would grow throughout the century to come.In the past week I’ve seen three new documentaries/TV specials that raise some interesting questions about whether beauty pageants are about an ideal (“There she is, your ideal…”) or if they might actually be about diversity.Many people have heard about beauty pageants and wonder how they work. If you are thinking about being in a beauty pageant, then you may want to know what it is that you are getting into.The contrast between the newspaper reviewers--who clobbered "Beautiful"--andits generally favorable bulletin board comments is extreme. The movie I sawis funny, entertaining, and has something thoughtful to add to discussion ofgender politics, as well as to the various earlier films about beautypageants.