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Thanks Adam. Very good lesson again. Till date I am unaware of minimum (3) and maximum (5) number of sentences which gives good introduction for the essay. You clarified me clearly about each and every sentence importance in introduction paragraph. Thanks a ton.

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This is a helpful lessen. Thank you so much. Now I clearly know that a introduction paragraph should include topic, question, opinion and reason within 3-5 sentences.


PPT – Writing an Introductory Paragraph: PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 20956-OGU3Z Revise the introductory paragraph of the report you wrote.. Complete the template below to ensure that you have included all aspects of an introductory paragraph. Submit it to your teacher or tutor for feedback. Then edit your paragraph based on the feedback you received.

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An introductory paragraph often determines whether readers will read an entire essay or report. It has the critical task of announcing to the reader what a report is all about and capturing the readers’ interest. That is why an introductory paragraph should include the main idea and a hook. The main Idea may be stated in a topic sentence, thesis or position, or a hypothesis/hunch. A brief story, a problem statement, a question or a brief description about an event or person can hook readers into reading a report or essay. Readers also want to know how an essay or report is written. Does it describe, compare, analyze, present facts and evidence, provide cause and effect arguments or a combination of some of these strategies. Finally, readers want to know what kind of text they are facing. Is it an essay or a report? When readers detect these clues in a brief well written paragraph, they are prepared for what lies ahead.

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The first paragraph of the body shouldcontain the strongest argument, most significant example,cleverest illustration, or an obvious beginning point. The firstsentence of this paragraph should include the "reverse hook" whichties in with the transitional hook at the end of the introductoryparagraph. The topic for this paragraph should be in the first orsecond sentence. This topic should relate to the thesis statementin the introductory paragraph. The last sentence in thisparagraph should include a transitional hook to tie into thesecond paragraph of the body. What is the Function of an Introductory Paragraph?
Get the reader’s attention
Provide necessary background information
Shape the reader’s perspective
Present the thesis statement
This thesis presents two words -- "private" and "public" rights -- that are not even mentioned earlier in the paragraph. What are these things? This paragraph does nothing to establish the distinction. Instead, it is a bland statement of theme which provides little background for the thesis. Thus, when we do read the thesis, it seems to float -- the premises underlying it have not been established. Compare the last introductory paragraph with this one:These patterns can give a "lift" to your writing. Practicethem. Try using two or three different patternsfor your introductory paragraph and see which introductoryparagraph is best; it's often a delicate matter of tone and of knowing who your audience is. Do not forget, though, that your introductoryparagraph should also include a thesis statement to let your readerknow what your topic is and what you are going to say about thattopic.