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While students are typically very careful to organize other types of essays, like analytical essays, they can be far more lax when it comes to descriptive essays. They shouldn’t be. Just as any other essay has a structured, organized flow of ideas, so should a descriptive essay. Students should avoid allowing a descriptive essay to ramble on, and should organize it by assigning a theme or a main idea to each paragraph and ensuring that there are good transitions between paragraphs as well. This will result in a much higher grade.

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We are glad to introduce You our database of free Descriptive essay samples. These examples of Descriptive essays are to help you understanding how to write this type of essaysMaking a choice for a descriptive essay topic can sometimes be a difficult task. Often, students don't really understand that the subject or topic of their essay will need to be vividly described using language that appeals to the reader's five senses; rather than just writing about facts or information they have gathered. It also will call for close attention to detail, 'painting a picture' for your reader so your intent is apparent. The most effective topics for descriptive essays will be the ones which conjure up mental images within the reader's mind, as well as ones that generate some kind of emotion. When considering descriptive essay topics for your paper it can be overwhelming because of the choices available-especially if you consider that almost anything can be described. Experiences, actions, experiments, people, places, events, and objects will all fall into this realm of essay writing. Some of the most successful descriptive essay topics are those that are derived from experiences the writer has some firsthand knowledge about. When writing about something you are familiar with you can use your words not only to describe what you experienced but how you felt while it was occurring. Understandably, anyone who is attempting to write this type of essay would benefit from some help, especially when it comes to selecting a compelling and memorable topic for their paper.